Office Staff

Krista Dragovich

Office Manager

Krista is the office manager at Lewis Animal Hospital. As manager, Krista makes sure that all appointments are scheduled appropriately, all clients are happy and satisfied and that our staff keeps the clinic running smoothly day to day. Krista has been with Lewis Animal Hospital since 2001, meaning she knows the clinic intimately and can answer most questions our clients may have. She is the mother to two sons and has four pets: ShamWow, Snuffleupagus, Squeeker and Fluffy.

Amy Hertenstein

One of the friendly faces or voices you will encounter at Lewis Animal Hospital is Amy. She has been employed in the veterinary field since 2009. Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is married with a young son and daughter. Amy currently has 5 dogs and one cat: KK, Duncan, Sirius, Belle, Nala and Sebastian.

Lindsey Sakai

Lindsey has been with the Lewis Animal Hospital since 2006. She enjoys meeting new clients and helping in any way possible to make the veterinary visit as stress-free as possible. She is the proud mama to a Doberman pinscher dog.

Tracey McGeorge

Tracey has been with Lewis Animal Hospital since 1998. She is one of our friendly receptionists at our clinic. She is married with two children as well as three dogs: Trouble, Cooper and London.

Toni Alger

A dedicated employee, Toni has been with Lewis Animal Hospital almost 25 years! She loves her job and meeting all the animals that walk through our doors. She is married with two children and five grandchildren. Toni is the proud owner of a Senegal parrot and multiple cats.